Knit Me Something Video Game Style

This is a special posting for a certain group of ladies who informed me that they regularly click on my blog posts even though they often have no idea of what I’m talking about.  I know they love to knit and create.  So today, I dedicate this to them as I search the internet for anything related to knitting.  My main resource is Etzy, because I don’t know of any others.  Click on the photo and it will take you to the actual site where the item is for sale.

Item #1: Journey Scarf – I’m not much of a scarf person but I would be proud to wear this scarf that has the unique design from the game Journey on the Sony PlayStation 3.  The scarf is a huge part of the game’s mechanic.  It helps the player to literally float or glide in the air.  That would great if they could add that feature to this real world scarf.

Hand-Knit Journey Inspired Scarf

Item #2: Pac Man Drink Coozie – It would be really cool to have a favorite beverage wrapped in a classic retro video game coozie.  My spell check hates the word coozie, it keeps trying to change it to cookie.  I hope I’m spelling it correctly but you get the idea.  I would love to have these for drinks if I had friends over to play some games.

Knit Pac Man and Ghost Beer Coozie

Item #3: Legend of Zelda Knit Cap – What else can I say.  Take Nintendo’s legendary game series and make it something real and tangible.  I would love to wear this cap on a cold winter day.

Knit Made to Order: Link Hat from any Legend of Zelda Game

So those are my top three items!  Ladies, I hope you enjoyed it (and all you other game lovers too).  I also want to mention that I found this Flash-based knitting game: (although I believe it is more like cross-stitch).  Click on the link below to give it a try.