Far Cry 4 is Getting Weird on Me


I picked up Far Cry 4 from Amazon for about sixteen bucks.  I actually bought the disk.  It seems that lately I’ve been buying the download more and more often.  I didn’t even think I would like the game.  I’ve never been a huge fan of first person shooters but the huge expanse of Far Cry 4 (FC4 for the rest of this article) has kept my motion sickness at a minimum.

Things I like:  I think my favorite thing to do is hop onto the little one-man helicopter (although I discovered you can carry a rider when I played co-op online) and fly all around the land of Kyrat.  I like searching for treasure and the helicopter is the way to do it.  Another thing I enjoy about the game is the stealth.  It takes me back to my love of Sniper 3 except it is in first person.  I enjoy sneaking around and taking down enemies without raising an alert.  I am not always successful in preventing the alarm but I am either able to overcome or I perish.  If I die during a mission, the game is very generous with checkpoints.

Things I don’t like: As the title of the blog entry suggests, the game is getting weird on me.  The country of Kryat is a mystical land and has a religion similar to Hinduism.  Although the culture is fascinating, my character had to “worship” at a holy shrine.  I know I am not really the person in the game – I’m just me, but the game really pushed right to the edge about what is acceptable to me as a Christian to do.  You know, that whole “no other gods before me” thing from Exodus.  And now, later in the game I have come across two characters named Yogi and Reggie.  They openly smoke pot and initially my character refused the drug when it was offered.  However, when I played last night, my character accepted and went on a “drug trip”.  The colors of the game changed.  The music changed.  People changed into rhinos right before my eyes!  My character was terrified and ran through the terrain trying to escape real and imaginary enemies.  The last thing I want to bring up was the mystical trip to Shangri-La.  It was an interesting section as far as game play.  I had a tiger that I was able to use to attack enemies.  But the enemies were strange demon characters and I somehow was able to restore order to Shangri-La by ringing a few bells.  If only evil could be overcome so easily!

I’m going to keep playing for a while, but I may not stay with it if the game keeps weirding it up!