Wild Man Ted Update & What I’ve Been Playing

Greetings!  Wild Man Ted here, responding to nasty rumors of my disappearance from the internet.  No, I did not perish from a Dramamine overdose and neither did I have to check myself into a clinic for video game addiction.  In fact, it has been something far more mundane – just life.  I don’t know if you have ever felt like this but sometimes just having a full time job can sap most of my strength.  When I would come home, I just wanted to relax and play a game – not try to think up something to write about, find appropriate images, and publish.  So for now, I’m just going to write a little something and see if I can get back into the groove.  I appreciate all my friends from the Theology Gaming University Facebook page for being patient with me.

I have a new piece of equipment in the video game room.  It is one of those video game chairs.  What is cool about it is that it folds over into an ottoman.  It is relatively comfortable to play in.  It has built in speakers but I have not tried them out yet in the game room.  Just a quick test on Christmas morning with my Surface RT plugged into it.

The game I have been playing the most lately is HALO: The Master Chief Collection.  I had never played all the way through so it has been fun getting the whole “HALO” experience.  Plus, it is hard to beat a deal like four full games all in one package.  I am currently on HALO 4, on the fourth chapter.  Here are some of my the Master Chief Collection thoughts:

HALO One was fun to play because it was the only one I was playing as a repeat from the original Xbox.  It did have a new HD remake so it looked better.  I noticed how far game design has come since this game.  I can’t run!  Boy, I thought all FPS’s would let you run!  Second, I remembered how much back tracking I had to do throughout the game.  The best part of the game though is the driving sequence at the end – intense!

HALO Two was the most recent game to receive the HD treatment.  It truly looked stunning and the cut scenes were spectacular.  I liked having the ability to go from the new look to the original look with the press of a button – even the cut scenes.  Game play was more of the same although I personally enjoyed playing as the Arbiter.  I understand some fans didn’t like that very much.

HALO Three almost felt like a graphical let down after playing all the way through Two.  It had a great storyline and the same consistent game play. It had another fantastic driving sequence at the end and wow, what an ending.

At some point I watched Forward Unto Dawn on Netflix, I was told it would help me understand the events from HALO Three and Four a little better.  I guess it did, a little.

Finally, I have been working my way through Four and it has been challenging.  When I am playing alone I have to be very patient or I will die.  I am very motivated to finish the game.  I want to get back to Earth and save Cortana.  I’m going to try to complete another chapter tonight.

When I have completed all four, I can move on to the next game that sits unopened on top of my Xbox One…

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