VGT – System Update – Please Wait

Have you ever taken a break from playing a modern game system?  Then you go back to play a game on it, and on the screen is a message saying, “An update is available”.  You think to yourself, “Why not go ahead?  How long can it take?”  Thirty minutes later you are still staring at the screen, watching that progress bar slowly go from left to right.  At this point, you can’t even remember what game you were going to play when you turned the blasted thing on.  In this modern era of gaming, updates are a fact of life.

Love those updates!

Love those updates!

I think it is time to give you an update about what has been going on in my life.  As many of you know, in addition to a full time time job as a Technology Manager at Anuvia in Charlotte, I also have been inching my way toward a Masters of Divinity at Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary.  I have been taking one class per semester and recently finished a course called “The Teacher and the Teaching Task”.  The class involved a paper as well as an extensive project – so the summer has gone by very quickly.  The “progress bar” on my education is moving slowing but steadily, and I estimate that I am one third of the way through.  My next class is about the Gospel of John and it involves a lot of translation work from the original Koine Greek as well as exegesis.  I am looking forward to it.

I have been playing some games though.  Lately, my system of choice has been the Xbox 360.  There are two reasons why I have been playing it so much.  The first reason is an excellent seamless online experience.  I have written before about my trepidation of playing online games – I am slowly getting over it.  Two games that I have been playing online are Forza Horizon and Diablo III.  The second reason is ACHIEVEMENTS.  I love it when that little message pops up announcing to me (and maybe the world?) that I have just reached a new level or performed a certain task.  I wish I could get achievements at work.  I could be typing an email and all of a sudden.  “Bink! You have earned a new achievement.  Ten million emails written.  Prolific Writer” – that would be so cool.  I have even played a couple of older Xbox 360 games ONLY for the purpose of getting achievements.  Examples include: King Kong the Movie and The Last Avatar.  On the Avatar game I got one thousand points in less than five minutes.  I will be writing about that experience on my next post.

So it has been a busy summer of work, school, some disc golf, an eleven mile hike, and time with family.  I love sharing my thoughts on this blog, so keep your eyes open for more.  Update Complete.

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