Star Fox 64 Promotional VHS


I was recently given a unique item – a VHS tape promoting the upcoming June 30, 1997 release of Star Fox 64.  So to celebrate that  16 year anniversary of Star Fox 64, I have lovingly played the tape into my TV card.  I think you will enjoy it.

Plot Synopsis:  The cool Nintendo employee parachutes into work.  (As all Nintendo employees do).  He is kidnapped by two guys from Sony and Sega.  He awakens to find himself in an interrogation chair.  They want to know about the new StarFox 64 game, but the employee won’t talk.  They reveal a Mario plush toy with his head in the vice.  They proceed to torture Mario (I’m surprised Nintendo allowed this!) until the employee decides to talk.  Then the voiceover kicks in with footage from the new game.

Sony and Sega realize that there is another employee named Bob who has additional information about the game.  They kidnap him as well and interrogate him until he confesses about his knowledge of the Rumble Pak.  The Rumble Pak makes Star Fox 64, “the coolest cinematic gaming experience there is.”   (The Rumble Pak concept was eventually adopted into almost every game system’s controller.)

The third and final feature revealed on the tape is the ability to play Four-Player simultaneous combat on the Nintendo 64.  Soon, the Nintendo boys are playing head to head with the Sony and Sega boys and having a great time.  The S & S boys are then shocked to discover all the new games coming down the pipe from Nintendo (little Mario pun).  The games are: GoldenEye, Yoshi’s Island 64, Mischief Makers, San Francisco Rush, Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey Jr, Aero Fighter Assault, Top Gear Rally, International Soccer Super Star 64, and Zelda 64 (That’s what the caption says).

Faced with the reality that Sony and Sega just can’t beat Nintendo, the employees are set free and thus ends one of the best acting experiences I have ever witnessed.

I noticed that the tape describes THREE different vehicles in Star Fox 64.  I was not aware of an aquatic version.  Was the vehicle removed from the game or did I just miss it?   I’m guessing that this came out near the end of the reign of the VHS tape.  The next medium was probably DVD, and of course now we can stream video directly from press conferences to the internet.  Thanks for checking out my blog today, and don’t forget to go outside and experience God’s great earth by hiking, swimming, fishing, jogging or whatever you enjoy doing.  It’s a lot of fun!  Rumble Pak features are designed right into the activities!

3 thoughts on “Star Fox 64 Promotional VHS

  1. There’s exactly ONE level with the Star Fox submarine on Aquas. You need to make it to Sector Y (by taking the alternate path on Corneria) and then getting at least a score of 200 on Sector Y to get there. It’s the “hard path”, as they call it.

    But yeah, cool video! I remember watching this back in the day as if it were serious business!

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