VGT – A Friend GAVE Me These NES Games!

A friend came to my house and said he had something in his trunk of his car for me.  I was surprised to discover that the trunk was filled with classic Nintendo Entertainment System games and accessories.  He knows that I am a collector and entrusted me with almost his entire collection.  Several things about his collection impressed me.  First, he had several games in the boxes and they are in excellent condition.  Second, even as a boy he took special care to store his cartridges in cases and even to type labels for them.  Awesome.  Thanks again my friend for the donation.  I am happy to share it with the world through Youtube and through my blog.

2 thoughts on “VGT – A Friend GAVE Me These NES Games!

  1. That’s a pretty amazing set of games you just got! Seriously! It’s cool that you got those boxes – I’m ashamed to say that the boxes usually got thrown out for me (not the instructions, though!), so that’s probably what most people did.

    I remember that Star Fox video! Nintendo Power sent it out in early 1997 (hence, SF64 was the game of my summer that year).

    And you haven’t played Mega Man 2? You should really get to that. I mean, Theology Gaming did a whole podcast on it, so that should be recommendation enough!

  2. Yea whoever gave you those games is the coolest EVER! Someone should donate him an XB1 or PS4 when they come out this fall. We should take up a collection!

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