Game Room Tour Part 2

Well, if you didn’t fall asleep during the first game room tour video, I have another one for you.

This video was created at the request of my nephew, Jackson.  We are going to be having a visit soon and from what I hear he is pretty excited about it.  I’ll be taking him to a couple of my favorite stores.  Who knows?  We may even hit a flea market.

Do you have a video of your gaming area?  I’d love for you to put a link to it in the comments.  I make reference in the video about a song that was created by Hidari Mae called “Logical Conclusion” .  The guitars in the song were made using Jam Sessions on the Nintendo DS.  Here is a link:

Happy gaming!

4 thoughts on “Game Room Tour Part 2

  1. Haha. Mastersyzem!

    I love your Dreamcast games! I played the crap out of Soul Reaver back in the day. I could see it not standing up the test of time. And Shenmue is truly the best game on Dreamcast. Unfortunately, the controls aren’t great. But the concept is truly amazing.

  2. Yeah, I made up a new word. It must mean something to do with exorcism from love of the Sega Master System. By the way, I hope the floorboards are holding up at your place!

  3. Here we go again! Man this is like Speed 2 or Transmorphers 2(not Transformers), Teen Wolf 2 or Cocoon the Return. The sequels that should have never been made, much like this video. I would rather watch dust collect on an old CRT monitor (they are dust magnets). Maybe it would be more fun to duct tape my hands to my head then go to Wal Mart to get reactions. Its actually more entertaining to read this post than to watch the video. Maybe you just need to add some flashy intro or credits at the end. That way I can cry at the beginning when i know its coming and then clap at the end when it is finally over. Remember nothing beats clapping at the end of a bad movie, its so refreshing! PS maybe you should film your amazon shipping box collection!!

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