Game Room Tour Part 1

I was communicating with my nephew, Jackson, who has started to become interested in classic games and systems.  He is 11 years old and has the serious makings of a gamer!  He asked me to make a video on Youtube about my game collection. It turns out I have a little more than I thought, so I’ve had to break this up into two videos.

My friend Squiggly says this is the most boring video ever made.  He said they should show it at a dentist office so people will realize, “I may have to get my tooth drilled but at least I’m not watching that video!”  Chris I hope you are wrong you jerk head!

Jackson, this video is for you.  Please enjoy and keep your eyes open for part 2

8 thoughts on “Game Room Tour Part 1

      • Haha, I will totally do this when I’m done organizing it (it’s in 3-4 different shelves in different rooms, so consolidating it will be a task! And some of it is in boxes still!)

  1. Jackson loved this!!! He cannot wait for the 2nd one…go figure! I think it’s an obsession. Or something. :o)

  2. Yes this is the most boring video ever made. Watching the action packed video of disintegrating game boxes. WOW! On the edge of my seat! Maybe you should do a time lapse on how long they take to turn to dust? Seriously, why dont you show the GAMES playing on the systems?! I’ll just go watch some cats sleeping on youtube now….( i hope you noted the sarcasm, but its still funny)

    • That is rather hilarious Squiggly. And I can beat you at Bejeweled Blitz. Although, that seems to be the only game I can beat you. Plus the fact that you never even play it.

  3. Just remember…this was made for an 11 year old who ASKED for it. I get the sarcasm, it is rather boring to watch. :o) But the boy loved it…and he loves his Uncle Ted. Well, uh, plus he loves these games. And what kid doesn’t enjoy a connection with a fun guy like WildManTed?

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