VGT – Games Not To Play When Writing A Paper – Part 1

I finally finished writing my last paper required for my philosophy class last night. The whole process seem to take longer than it should have. For me, it always seems to be put off until the last minute.  Suddenly, I realized as I was finishing the last sentence on my last paper, why it was taking so long. I looked around me and there on the ottoman in front of me was my Nintendo 3DS, my Playstation Vita, my Sony PSP Go, and also my Wii U was on the television screen.

Paper writing essentials

Paper writing essentials

I somehow found a way to distract myself in at least four different ways. That doesn’t count my cell phone with it’s array of Droid games.  I daily go to Amazon to get the free app of the day, so I have a huge collection of Droid games that I’ve never even touched.  So I really had FIVE distractive devices drawing me from my duties.

So, now begins a series on some of the games I played during my paper writing frenzy (when I should have been writing my paper)

PSP Go with attractive case

PSP Go with attractive case

Game #1 – Orbit  – The story of how I even discovered this game is worth telling.  I collect handhelds and recently had the opportunity to buy a used Sony PSP Go.  This little game system was unsuccessful, at least here in the United States, largely because it had no disk drive or cartridge slot.  I couldn’t buy any used games for this thing, but it’s “flip forward” design appealed to me.

Cool Design - except no game cartridges or disks

Cool Design – except no game cartridges or disks

I was pleasantly surprised to discover that when I logged onto the Playstation Network, that there were several games available for download.  I downloaded every free game that I could find.

Games I downloaded

Games I downloaded

One of those games was Orbit.  Orbit is classified as a Playstation Mini and I think that it can be played on the PS3, Vita, or the PSP.  The premise of this addictive side scrolling game was simple: pilot your ship for one orbit around the planet while picking up coins, fuel, and power ups.  The gameplay mechanic was simple.

Simple yet addictive

Simple yet addictive

You pushed the button and the ship rose up, you let go of the button and the ship went down.  I played a similar concept once on a flash computer game with a helicopter and I’m pretty sure that’s also the premise of the popular game Jetpack Joyride, which I’ve never played.

Screen copied from Google!  I couldn't get a good pic on my own

Screenshot copied from Google Images! I couldn’t get a good pic on my own

What got me hooked on the game was the collecting of rewards.  I’m not a completionist by any stretch of the imagination but I wanted to get all of the trophies.  Only two trophies remain – one for collecting a total of a million in coins, and one for doing two orbits around each planet.  This was a game that I really enjoyed and I think my mom would like it too, although the small screen would not make it as enjoyable for her.

A galaxy of fun....or at least a solar system

A galaxy of fun….or at least a solar system

If any of you out there are working a full time job and taking at least one class, you know how tiring it can be to get things done.  Essentially going back to school is like taking a part time job.  The only way I have been able to function is by getting up at 4:30am and working on classwork.  Then off to work until I come home exhausted and start all over again the next day.  I put my blogging on hold so I could focus as things came down to the wire with school assignments.  I have thought about posting my actual papers on the blog, with the grade and a summary of the teachers comments – but it may be too boring for you.  One paper was on Origen and the other was about John Locke.  If anyone would be interested, please comment.  I could also set up a separate blog just for such a subject.

Stay tuned for Game #2 from my list of Games Not To Play When Writing A Paper!

4 thoughts on “VGT – Games Not To Play When Writing A Paper – Part 1

  1. This should be titled “How to procrastinate when writing a paper”…. .but at least you had fun doing it!

  2. I was waiting for a post on Pokemon. 🙂

    Nothing like finding a good distraction. As you jump through the school hoops and loops, just remember that one day it will end. You can do it man!

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