VGT – I Am Completely Un-Awesome

Once again I find myself in the position of having a mind filled with all kinds of ideas, and a body that can’t wait to finish writing this post and go to bed.  I’m taking Christian Thought and Classical Philosophy class and I’m literally having to read hundreds of pages a week.   I may be the only one in the class who is mentally comparing Shigeru Miyamoto (creator of Mario et. al.) with the Greek philosopher Socrates.  That’s what happens when you enjoy video games and theology, they get mashed up together.

Some Nintendo Power Research

Some Nintendo Power Research

So whether it is Aristotle or Augustine, I still find myself diving into my personal library of Nintendo Power magazines.  I sort of enjoy philosophy, but deep down I’m pretty sure that reality is in fact, real.  I also have no problem believing or understanding that there must be another reality beyond myself.  I want to tell these philosophers, “I’m convinced OK?  If I just agree with you will you stop talking?”

But why am I completely un-awesome?  I’ve mentioned recently to my new friends on the Theology Gaming Podcast that I’ve had a difficult time on a particular section of Assassin’s Creed 3.  In the scene, I am trying to stop six of my fellow warriors from reaching the top of the hill.  If they get there, they will be killed by the military forces of Charles Lee.  I just can’t do it.  I’ve tried so many times but I either miss the guy by running up a tree, or by accidentally running in front of him and alerting everyone.  When they are alerted, they all just start running to their deaths at the hill top.  On the podcasts, my opinion shifts from week to week from completely loving the game to completely hating it.  By the way, you can find the Theology Gaming Podcast on iTunes now and on other apps soon.

What did I do to get past it?  Did I dedicate hours of my life in attempt after attempt?  Did I go to the store and buy a player’s guide?  Did I study the videos of other players on Youtube?  No, I had someone else come to my house and beat it for me.  He did it in three tries – and that was only because he was not used the Wii U control scheme.  I’m attaching a video.  I might as well make my humiliation complete.

Now that I’m past that moment, I am liking the game again.  But I felt compelled to tell all of you the truth about how un-awesome I am.  God is awesome by the way, a word meaning both great and terrible.  So if I’m un-awesome, that means I’m mediocre and unimpressive.  The video evidence doesn’t lie!  Have a great weekend.  I’m heading down to Savannah to visit my son at Savannah College of Art and Design.

7 thoughts on “VGT – I Am Completely Un-Awesome

  1. It was fun doing the podcast with you! Glad you got through the part in AC! And getting somebody else to do it for you? Somehow I think that’s 90x better than cheating. It’s even way better than playing it yourself! Multiplayer! Community!

    Enjoy Savannah! That’s a rad little town!

    • I like your perspective. My friend didn’t even judge too harshly and was in fact eager to put the controller in my hands so I could play on. I have made some progress since then. I recently looked for a piece of Captain Kidd’s treasure map which was truly fun. I won’t be on the next podcast due to scheduling issues but look forward to doing another with you. The most recent just went on iTunes today!

      • Yeah. If they record on Thursday, I won’t be able to be on there, either. Scheduling conflict as well. That’s okay, we can be like Team A or something. 🙂

    • The side quests make the game much more fun to me. When I play a game I want to get the most I can out of it. This way I can truly say what the game is like when I tell others about it. When I completed the game with 100% synchronization, I definitely felt a sense of accomplishment. This is definitely one of the best games I have played in a long time.

  2. Your friend made this look effortless. The Wii-U pad though looks crazy to play with! I’ve stuck with the PS3 controller for all the AC games I’ve played. Do you like the Wii-U otherwise?

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