VGT – Thankfulness

I may not have many video game references for this post.  I do plan on adding a new post soon as I continue to explore my TRS-80 Color Computer 2 and some of the games I have for it.

But as I write this morning, I am feeling so thankful.  I’m not entirely sure what brought the feeling on.  Perhaps it is because the sun has been streaming through the windows while I’ve been reading.

Maybe it’s because my men’s group has been revisiting The Shack.  If you’re not familiar with the book, it was a very popular Christian novel that came out back in 2008.  Some theologians praised it’s originality while others warned that it threatened orthodoxy.  I’ll let you judge for yourself if you would like.  It’s an inexpensive book and I recently purchased it for my Kindle for $3.99.

A picture of the shack from the book cover

A picture of the shack from the book cover

To summarize the story, the protagonist (Mack Phillips) has suffered a terrible loss – the kidnapping and death of his young daughter.  Three years after the tragedy, he receives a note in his mailbox that seems to have been sent to him by God.  The simple note invites him to spend the weekend with him at the shack.  This shack is the same remote building in the woods where searchers discovered the torn and blood covered dress that his daughter had worn.  Mack decides to go to the Shack and there he has an experience that forever changes him.

The strange thing is, I just finished reading the terrible tragedy in chapter four, in which Mack is going through his awful time of loss.  Yet I find myself feeling such thankfulness, and even a fullness of joy.  Some of you know that I went through a time of loss and sadness myself.  It’s when I look back and reflect on the past few years that I can start to see that God has been my constant companion through it all.  Through the times of brokenness and the times of restoration, I worship him.  He knows what suffering is.

Thankful for a creative space

Thankful for a creative space

Perhaps I’m also feeling thankful because a friend sent me an email because he would like for me to learn a new song.  He not only sent me a youtube link, but also sent a PDF with lyrics and chords.  I have been a casual musician for many years and I play both piano and guitar.  I love to sing and play worship songs.  I enjoy leading small groups in song, especially on a retreat or camping trip.  The song is called 10,000 Reasons by Matt Redman.  Here is the video below.

It’s the final verse that gets me:

And on that day when my strength is failing

The end draws near and my time has come

Still my soul will sing your praise unending

Ten thousand years and then forevermore

I’m just so thankful for all the good that there is in my life.  I’m not talking about material things.  I’m talking about people, I have family and friends everywhere.  I have a joy in the deepest part of me and a clear conscience when I go to sleep at night.  I have people like you who have taken time to read whatever I may write in my blog.  I’ve been discovering that there are more of you who think like me, people like Zachary Oliver and his website  There are others too, but Zachary has been doing a great job of pulling us together by creating a Theology Gaming Group on Facebook and even starting a Podcast.  Good things are happening.

7 thoughts on “VGT – Thankfulness

  1. I remember The Shack! Haven’t read it, although from what I know of it, I wouldn’t consider it a great introduction to Christianity. I remember people were trying to get my late grandmother into accepting Jesus and instead of giving her a Bible, they gave her The Shack. When it’s a replacement for the original, then I think it’s a problem.

    But thankfulness, yes! I’m glad to have found so many interesting people around the world who like video games, and are Christians too. There’s not enough of us “out there”, so to speak. I started the blog seven months ago with the intention of getting as large as we can (and I have many plans in the works, I assure you). It’s been tough, but God has a plan for this; I’m just learning to be patient.

    Thanks for listening to my rambling, but the point is being thankful and seeing the glass half-full always seems an essential part of the Christian life. Thanks for writing about it!

    • Yeah. The Shack is really an odd place to start. I heard of it from my sister’s recommendation. At the time, she was (to my knowledge) still backslidden and kinda getting into God again. And all I remembered hearing about the book was Mark Driscoll’s rant against it. To this day, I think that’s the single largest reason why that book is so successful. But I was surprised by how Orthodox it was, honestly. I mean, it’s easy to get hung up on certain bits, for sure. But the biggest redemptive parts are some of the greatest. My complaints might arise towards Paul Young’s dismissal of the church in God’s story. But past that, it’s pretty good. Literarilly? As long as somebody is talking, the book is alright. His handling of non-dialog is much more telling than showing. Makes for a trudge. Fortunately, most of the book is dialog.

  2. A great post as always. I’m glad Zach brought us together, too! Now I’m curious about the loss you speak of. But maybe that will come up in our conversations down the road. Thanks again!

    • I lost my wife to breast cancer a few years ago. That’s the broken part. The restoration part is going back to school and also meeting Shelia through eharmony, so I’m happy to be married again.

      • Oh wow. Yeah. I can’t imagine…

        It must have been really rough on your son, too.

        That’s awesome news about Sheila. How long have you been married? Safe to assume that she and your son get along really well?

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