My Wii U Experience Part 4

Before I go any further, I am happy to say my blog hit the 1000 views mark recently.  I started it 5 months ago.  Thank you to everyone who takes the time to check out my thoughts.

One step at a time

The Big One Thousand

I realize I am in a niche category.  There are many who are interested in faith subjects, who are not interested in games.  And there are many gamers who are not necessarily interested in faith.  To both parties I want to say I appreciate you for hanging in there with me.

Wii Transfer

I was curious how Nintendo would handle the issue of games that were previously downloaded on my Wii.  I didn’t have a ton of games but there were several Virtual Console  games that I have purchased and at least one WiiWare game that I didn’t want to lose.  Before I go any further I must point out a bad design decision – connecting games that I have downloaded to my console RATHER than to my account.  Both Sony and Microsoft do this the right way.  Steam on PC’s really does it the right way.  On those platforms I purchase a game and the information is connected to me, therefore when I buy a new computer or console I simply log in and have all my games available for download.  But I’m a Nintendo fanboy and therefore I must suffer.  Now on to the final entry into my Wii U Experience.

I do want to give Nintendo credit for making the Wii U backwards compatible so that I can still play Wii games on it.  The solution is found in the creation of a Wii channel on the new system.  I essentially enter Wii mode and it functions exactly like a Wii.  As mentioned before, my purchases were connected to my old Wii and not to my account so I had to use a transfer tool to get my games and game saves.  The tool had be installed on both systems and it required an SD card.  For my graphical viewing pleasure, little Pikmin characters started moving information from one place to the other – the final destination being a rocket ship.

Cute Pikmin Only Leads to SUFFERING

Cute Pikmin Only Leads to SUFFERING

I was actually almost enjoying the visuals until it locked up.  For me it locked up at around %14.  Then I was rewarded by the Error Code message in the picture below.  Error Code: 106-0612.  No matter how many times I tried it kept happening.  Then I tried removing unnecessary data from my Wii.  Games that I knew I could re-download, saves for games I would never play again, and the like.  I had no success.

Another Wii U Error Message!

Another Error Message!

So this is what I ended up doing:

  • I backed up my SD card with all my save game data onto my PC
  • I RESET the Wii – I lost my Mii and every Mii I had ever created
  • I ran the Transfer Tool successfully on the Wii
  • Then, I ran the Transfer Tool successfully on the Wii U
  • Now that Nintendo  was confident that I was not pirating any games, (I mean, God forbid that I might want to play “World of Goo” on two different systems!) I was able to re-download all my Virtual Console and WiiWare games onto the Wii U.  I lost all game saves for these games.
  • For my disc based Wii games, I was not able to just copy my game saves from the SD card to the Wii U.  I had to:
    • Put each game disc in the Wii U.
    • Start the game
    • Create a new game save
    • Leave the game
    • Go to settings
    • Delete the newly created game save
    • Copy the old game save to the Wii U
    • Rinse and Repeat, and Repeat, and Repeat

I just want to say thank you to Nintendo for such a seamless transfer experience.  I hope that you are not getting wet by the dripping of my sarcasm!  My advice to you would be to take everything that you have done up to this point, AND DO THE OPPOSITE!  To Xbox live, I’m Retrocity.  To Sony, I’m Ate Bit Maniac.  But to you Nintendo, I’m just some person who purchased games on a specific Wii.  It’s like you are saying to me, “You don’t matter to us.  However, we appreciate the machines you have purchased from us.  Thanks for the money.”

And I keep giving it to them.

4 thoughts on “My Wii U Experience Part 4

  1. Re your intro: It really is odd/difficult trying to write about God and videogames. Glad you’re doing it and sticking to it! It’s important stuff.

    As for the Wii transfer: I find it funny looking back. I was a serious Nintendo Fanboy in my adolescence. I had my N64 and I didn’t need nothing else! PS1 may have gotten some rad stuff. But it was only when I was completely and utterly satisfied by my N64 that I even considered trying something on Sony’s device. Nowadays, I’m far too interested in the world of games to even really pay attention to what Nintendo is doing. And if it weren’t for Fire Emblem, Zelda, and Smash Bros., I probably would have just left Nintendo by the wayside. I’m glad they’ve kept me hooked long enough to find their work still curious. They’ve become kinda like a crazy cousin: lots of fun in short bursts; not enough fun for the long haul.

    Sorry things have been so frustrating for you. But it’s made for some great blog posts!

    • I have to say I just heard they are going to release Windwaker in HD. I’m definitely getting it when it comes out. Although I’m not sure how much it will improve a cell shaded game!

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