My Wii U Experience Part 2

Now it’s time to do some quick reviews of the games I have played on the new Wii U.  This may be an appropriate time to comment on what a horrible name it is.  I can’t feel like anything but a dork whenever I say or write, “Wii U”.  I felt the same way when it was just the Wii.  I remember back when the Wii was in development and they were calling it the Revolution.  That would have been such a cool name.  Instead we got the Wii.  Wheeee!  97 million units sold later….I guess they were right about the name.  I think the two “i’s” are supposed to look like two people playing together.

Nintendo Land

Imagine getting the best tech demo designers and putting together a collection of mini games for a new controller.  Nintendo Land is good.  VERY good.  It seems that each game uses the controller in a unique way.  Some games are co-op, some are solo, and some are competitive.  Metroid was a lot of fun as a co-op shooter, but my son and I really enjoyed the Zelda game.  The games are all simple yet extremely challenging.  I sat and played the Yoshi game for a couple of hours without even noticing the time.

Adorable Mii as Link

Adorable Mii as Link

It would have been great if I had been able to buy the system that included this game for free, but I’m still glad I own it.  It doesn’t quite do what Wii Sports did for the Wii, but it is a great deal of fun.  I find myself going back to Nintendo Land just because it has so much variety.  I would score it an 8 out of 10.

I love the style of this Zelda game

I love the style of this Zelda game

Trine 2

Trine 2 was downloaded from the Nintendo E-shop.  I mainly bought it so I could try playing an on-line game with my friend Squiggly.  I have mixed feelings about this game.  It looks great and has some challenging puzzles, but the story is very generic.  I also had a lot of trouble connecting the Wii U for online gameplay.  I kept getting an error message.  I finally found the solution by searching online.  It turned out I had to put the IP address of the Wii U in a DMZ on my router.  After that, it worked fine but it kind of put me out of the mood.

Trine 2 has great art style

Trine 2 has great art style

If there was voice chat for the game it would be so much better.  It is a pain in the neck trying to communicate by making your character gesture madly or trying to point at something.  Maybe the designers thought that was part of the charm but in my opinion it backfired.  Basically for the game, you can switch between a warrior, a wizard, and a thief – who are called by a mystical force called the Trine.  They go on an adventure together.  Each screen is a puzzle and the unique qualities of each character are used to solve the puzzle and move forward.  There can be more than one way to solve the puzzle.  I’m putting this one at a 6 out of 10.

I still have 3 more games to talk about and I will put them in the next post.

3 thoughts on “My Wii U Experience Part 2

  1. I never thought about how the two Is look like two people playing together. That’s a good call. I didn’t realize the original system sold 97 million units! That’s impressive no matter how you slice it. I still think it’s funny that I know so many people who own the system and rarely if ever play it.

    That Zelda minigame gets a lot of play at the center where we have the system. Nintendoland is truly a great multiplayer experience. The fact that it has non-multiplayer minigames seems a little silly to me. I say stick with multiplayer if you’re gonna do it. I hope they do a Nintendoland 2 that takes that to heart – and does away with all the annoying introductions and interruptions. They really get in the way of getting me where I want: right into the multiplayer experiences.

    That Trine 2 experience sounds pretty miserable. So the game needed you to mess with your router to work online properly? Odd. I played a decent bit of Trine 2’s single player. But I’m sure it’s a big difference if you’re online and can’t communicate with the other player. I tried playing Zach online in Street Fighter 4 for PS3 and neither of us had a headset. Made communication very very slow. The only game I know of that does nonverbal communication really well is Portal 2 – with that pointing cursor thing. Very handy. Though not great for elaborate discussion, of course.

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