Travel Log – Day 2

In flight gaming entertainment

I never thought I’d be reviewing video games while at 30,000 feet but South African Airlines gave each passenger their own screen.  You could watch movies or TV shows.  They also had some video games!  I played some Bejeweled, Golf, Solitaire, Sudoko, but my favorite by far was Texas Hold’Em Poker.

Solitaire stands alone as great entertainment!

All of those games were of late 90’s graphic quality but they really did help pass the time.  I give the South African Game Collection an 8 out of 10 review score!  That’s it.  I’m done with video games.

After an eight hour flight over the Atlantic headed for the city of Dakar.  My sleep schedule is already pretty messed up.  I slept for about an hour on a floor pad after we finally arrived at Beacon of Hope.  The place is pretty cool because it is located beside this little light house on a hill – hence the name Beacon of Hope.

See the lighthouse on the hill?

They provide a place for missionaries to get support.  I met two missionaries today – a husband and wife team who recently had a child.  They are staying here while getting US paperwork completed for their new boy.  I played with their children, Ollie and Ruby and hopefully I can upload a picture.

Ollie and Ruby

Ollie and I must have spent 45 minutes playing in the dirt with some toy dump trucks.  Imagine that, children actually still play outside somewhere in the world.

Usually the first day is rest and recovery as well as some cultural training but instead we headed for the city of Theis.  It was a two hour drive.  The rainy season recently ended here so things are looking much greener than the last time I was here.  We checked into a small hotel that is going to be our “base”.  More to come tomorrow.

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