Travel Log – Day 1

I’m sitting at Dulles airport during a six hour layover.  The next flight will take me to Dakar, Senegal.  I know I usually use my blog to talk about video games, theology, or both – but for the next seven days it’s going to function as my travel log so you can know what’s going on.  I was going to attach a thrilling photo of me typing at Starbucks but the wifi security won’t let me upload.  I should have internet connection a several points during my trip.  I also promised myself that I will take more pictures on this trip.

I did recently purchase a Microsoft purchase to use as my computer during this trip.  This device definitely has some strengths and weaknesses.  I am seriously wishing that I had purchased the higher end keyboard cover with the raised keys.  The membrane cover that I’m using is better than typing on a tablet screen but I miss a lot of keys sometimes.  I also look forward to the store having more apps available.  Well, that’s my mini review of the product.  I’m going to play a game I purchased called Radiant.  It’s an old school shooter that works well on a touch screen.  I’ve played it before on my Kindle fire.  I may download some kind of adventure or RPG if I can find one at the store!  Oh yeah!  I was supposed to be “unplugging” and going to Africa!  Hey, it let the picture upload.  Cool.

Ted at Dulles Airport, Washington DC

Well, I’ll go to Africa but I’m not going to stop gaming!

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