VGT – Team Ninja vs Proverbs 31

Today I am writing about boobs.  There is a fascination with the female breast that goes back to the foundation of human history.  It is one of the key differences between men and women.  Painters have painted them.  Sculptors have sculpted them.  Video game company Team Ninja has degraded them.

Dead or Alive 5 by Team Ninja

Dead or Alive 5 has been recently released – a series known for making female characters with large and unrealistic breasts.  Team Ninja director, Yohei Shimbori, was recently quoted on the website Gamasutra as saying, “We actually got a lot of feedback from people who were playing it, saying, ‘We want bigger breasts.  Make the characters more like that.’  That was kind of surprising.”

I guess I should not be surprised.  Although the female gaming demographic is growing, the majority of gamers are young men.  Supporters would argue that playing video games is all about fantasy not reality, so who cares.  I care when any medium displays the perfect woman as someone with large breasts and little else.

What does this have to do with theology?  How can I write about this subject without offending someone?  The Bible surprisingly has a lot to say about women, and it many cases it’s very progressive.  Take into consideration the book of Proverbs – a book that personifies Wisdom itself in the female form.  (read the first three chapters).  Young husbands are encouraged to love and be faithful to the wife of their youth – even saying “Let her breasts fill you at all times with delight; be always intoxicated in her love.” (Prov 5:19)   But Proverbs 31 (starting at verse 10) goes on to describe the godly woman and it is worth reading.

Now I’m going to do a point by point comparison of Team Ninja’s perfect woman vs. the perfect woman described in Proverbs 31.

  • Team Ninja: The perfect woman has huge boobs
  • Proverbs: She seeks wool and flax and works with willing hands (she enjoys crafting)
  • Team Ninja: She has really large knockers
  • Proverbs: She is like the ships of a merchant and brings food from afar (she is involved in trade)
  • Team Ninja: Her boobs are unaffected by gravity
  • Proverbs: She considers a field and buys it (she is involved in real estate)
  • Team Ninja: She can somehow fight with all that bouncing
  • Proverbs: She opens her hand to the poor and reaches her hands to the needy
  • Team Ninja: She has big Ta-Ta’s
  • Proverbs: She opens her mouth with wisdom and the teaching of kindness is on her tongue

There is even more material in the chapter, but hopefully you see my point.  Women are so much more than their physique.  Don’t be so caught up in all the hype about her chest, that you ignore her heart.  Women are to be respected and treated as equals in both reality and virtual reality.

It is October and therefore, Breast Cancer Awareness month.  I was married once to a amazing woman who faced that cancer and ultimately lost the battle.  She was a fighter – stronger and more compelling than any character that Team Ninja could ever design.

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