VGT – Hero or Villain?

I’ve been playing more DC Universe Online.  I’ve just finished reading from the book of Ephesians.  I’ve also been out for a run this morning so I’ve had a chance to think about these things, so let’s see what comes out in this blog entry.

A world in which you choose sides

I enjoyed playing DC Universe Online so much this weekend with my friend that I couldn’t wait to play again.  However, he was not available and I didn’t want my hero, Tingle Tuner, to advance in levels and missions without his companion in crime-fighting, Captain Pooflinger.  So I logged in and created a new character.  This time I chose to create a villain.  I wanted to see how the story and game-play might be different by starting on the opposite side.  I made a female character who is part human and part robot and I named her Megabyte McLurd.  She is also very angry and likes to brawl.  I hope that there are no psychologists who are reading this blog because there might be some deeper meaning in my character selection.  I played the game and it started much the same way.  However, once I entered Gotham things took a turn for the nasty.  I’m not sure if the story turns around eventually but us villains are not a very friendly lot.  Sure, I was trying to ultimately battle the same bad guy as the heroes (I think) but I was also beating up innocents and even taking their souls.  They would even cry out, “Why are you doing this to me?” or “It hurts!”.  I knew it was only a computer program, but I still felt like a heel.  Even so, I can see why people like to be the villain.  It’s kind of fun to only watch out for number one, and if anyone gets in my way – watch out.  In fact, the book of Romans basically describes everyone in this kind of way.  We’re all villains basically.

Is it really worth it to be the villain?

But there is something about being on the side of the heroes.  I feel that when I’m on the side of the heroes that I’m fighting for something greater than myself.  I’m fighting for justice and protecting the innocents.  DC Universe does a good job of bringing that out. Which finally leads to what I was reading this morning in Ephesians 6.  It is a very well known passage about putting on the whole armor of God.  I know Paul was describing a Roman soldier but as I read it, I couldn’t help but notice that there is super-hero equipment in there!

The Belt of Truth – Wraps around you and protects you from lies.  (Doesn’t Wonder Woman have a similar lasso?)

The Breastplate of Righteousness – Protects your heart.  (Like Thor)

Shoes for Readiness of the Gospel of Peace – Helps get you to where the need is fast.  (Like The Flash)

The Shield of Faith – Protects you from evil attacks  (Like Captain America)

The Helmet of Salvation – Keeps your head protected during battle (Like Ironman)

The Sword of the Spirit – An offensive weapon  (like Blade or Wolverine)

Hero or Villain?  In the games and in the real world.  The choice is often up to you.

One thought on “VGT – Hero or Villain?

  1. I never looked at the heroes this way before compared to the Bible. Its actually very true and makes me wonder if there were some subliminal creation behind these characters from their creators, or maybe just coincedence? He works in mysterious ways and if you look close enough at many things God is there.

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