VGT – I Finally Get It: Online Play

Friday night I went over to a friend’s house.  He has been telling me about how much fun he has playing online.  I told him I was interested  in playing online but the idea of it made me kind of nervous.  So he invited me over to his house so I could try playing online with someone to be a guide.  I brought my Playstation 3 and a small 22 inch TV.

Another Tastebuds Popcorn fan

First, let me say that my friend treated me like a king.   When I got there he had pizza, wings, chips, and even my favorite Tastebuds Popcorn.  He even bought me my own 2 liter bottle of Coke!  He was in the middle of some online game called Battlefield 3 on his XBox 360.  It looked chaotic and I remember asking myself, “How can anyone know what’s going on?”  He was apparently on a team that won.  I have to say that the graphics looked really good but this game is not really my style.  My friend said that we should be able to find something that I would like.

Killing a sniper seemed to give him joy

What did we decide on?  After a couple slices of pizza we decided to try DC Universe Online with the PS3.  This was a game that I had played one other time.  I had a character created and had only done a single mission that was barely an online experience.  Although my friend had a level 30 character, he also had one that was at a similar level.  After about 45 minutes of updates we were finally both ready to play.  My character’s name is Tingle Tuner and his is called Captain Pooflinger.  What an awesome crime-fighting team!

Meet Tingle Tuner. Captain Pooflinger not available for picture

Let me just tell you that having a friend online made the difference for me.  He somehow found where I was located in Gotham City.  Then we became a team so we could share missions and the button mashing fun began.  We battled villains in buildings and on the streets.  We even flew up to the top of skyscrapers and fought bad guys there too.  We must have played for 2 hours but it only felt like 10 minutes.

Now I feel that I have the confidence to connect in my living room and find Captain Pooflinger online.  I hope we can continue to level up and fight bad guys together!  It was so much fun flying around the city.  It was also really interesting to see so many other people online playing similar missions – each one having a unique experience.  We could choose to interact with them or not.  I chose not to.  Especially the level 30 people going around and challenging a level 4 person to a duel.  C’mon man!

DC Universe Online is a fun game!

But I do finally have a better understanding of why people play games online.  It adds a whole new dimension to game play.

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