VGT – Sega Master System Plus a Bonus!

I’m writing today on a computer with Windows 8 Preview.  I installed it Friday night.  It has been a little difficult to get used to.  I’m really missing that start button!  I had no idea how to get to the control panel so I could prevent the computer from going to sleep after 30 minutes.  (I finally figured out that I could just start to type “Power” from the Metro interface and the power options came up).  I consider myself a pretty strong Windows user and I’ve had some trouble getting around.  That means the average user is either going to really hate it or love it.  Microsoft is definitely making changes.  I have a Mac as well, both Apple and Microsoft are really trying to merge their “app” environment with their standard software environment.

Windows 8 has also been a little buggy for me when using Internet Explorer, On Sunday, it kept locking up on the NFL website where I keep track of scores.  This is also my second time around with writing this blog entry because it shut down on me.  (I was installing something at the same time so I’m partially to blame).

Sega Master System

I recently picked up the hard to find Sega Master System with about 10 games.  This system was a competitor of the Nintendo Entertainment System back in the 8 bit era.  I had never played one before so I was eager to plug it in and try it out.  The system itself has a sleek modular look and I like the style.  I thought it was pretty cool that the game Hang On was built into the system.  Plus, the controllers were almost exactly like the NES which is a good thing.

The games that came with it

I tried some games.  They were HARD!  One game was called Fantasy Zone, a side scrolling shooter that is almost migraine inducing with its color palate of greens and pinks.  It was still kind of fun though.  Then I tried a helicopter themed shoot-em-up called Thunder Blade.  I didn’t last too long with that one.

The Faces of Evil for the Phillips Magnavox CDi

Now for the bonus, when I bought the Sega Master System, I added an additional game to the deal – a Phillips CDi disk of the game Legend of Zelda – The Faces of Evil.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw it and I was trying to act very cool around the seller.  As I mentioned in another post, there are three Zelda games that were made for the CDi and all of them are terrible.  The uniqueness of these games makes them valuable – Nintendo gave permission for their franchise to be on another system.  Unfortunately there was no case for the game – disk only.  If the case had been included the value would have been well over $100.

I also recently bought a video switch box at a Goodwill store.  Now I can change retro systems much easier on my TV.  It will hopefully neaten up all those wire everywhere.  I’m trying to get rid of the “techno spaghetti”.   Have a great week!  Spend some time outside.  Never forget that video games are just trying to copy the adventures that exist in the real world.

2 thoughts on “VGT – Sega Master System Plus a Bonus!

  1. Wow, i can’t believe you found the Faces of Evil. You might have to seal it away just to keep the stench from that stinker from permeating your living room, though.

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