VGT – Grand Theft Auto or Amnesia?

You should start hearing more from me.  My life just passed through a “perfect storm” of three major events.

My son in his dorm room

First, I took my son to college last weekend.  He is a freshman at Savannah College of Art and Design.  I was very impressed by the school.  It is expensive but it is apparent that they invest a great deal of that money back into the students.  I’ve never seen so many computers in the dorm’s media room.  The cafeteria was amazing with food stations set up for every kind of culinary tastes.

Second, my work finally went live with new client management/billing software.  It was a busy week but it was relatively stress free.  Our technology team did our best to prepare the staff for the changes.  I spent most of my time adding clients that somehow did not carry over from the old system to the new – or adding important data to the clients who did manage to carry over.

Third, I had a paper for seminary that I foolishly put off until the last minute.  I ended up sending it in late today.  It will not be a good grade just because of the lateness.  If all goes well, I hope to make a C in the class.  I finished it last night and it is a tremendous relief to have it finished.

This guy stole my car!

With with all that stress, I have a silly little story to tell called Grand Theft Auto or Amnesia?  The title includes two video games but there are no games in this story.  It was Tuesday afternoon and I signed out at work and headed to the parking lot to get in my car and go home.  I always park in the same place and was surprised to discover that my car was completely missing.  I searched all over the parking lot wondering if I had parked in another spot and forgotten but there was no sign.  I even went to get a co-worker to walk the lot with me who verified with me that my car was gone, missing, disappeared.  There was no sign of break in, just an empty spot where my car used to be.

I called my wife and told her the news.  She left the house to come pick me up – a forty minute drive.  Then I called the police and filed a report.  They dispatched a police officer who arrived about thirty minutes later.  She asked me all kinds of embarrassing questions such as, “Are you behind on any payments?” (it’s paid for) and “Are you sure you didn’t park it somewhere else?”  She even called a car theft expert who confirmed her belief that a 2009 Honda Civic is virtually impossible to steal.

My wife arrived and we spent about twenty minutes chatting it up with the officer, who seemed relieved to take a call that was stress free – especially after working so many hours during the Democratic National Convention.  Then it struck me.  I remembered that in the morning I had driven across the street to one of our remote offices and parked my car there.  I had assisted a co-worker with a computer issue and then walked back to the main building.  My car was parked across the street.  I felt like an idiot.

I am so blessed to have a wife who is so level headed and cheerful.  She laughed it off and then we planned to meet at a restaurant.  After she left, the police officer commented on how impressed she was with my wife’s good nature.  I guess she has seen enough angry people for a lifetime.  We talked for another twenty minutes before parting and I feel that I made a new friend.  I will probably see her again because she works in that area.  Hopefully it won’t be because I have forgotten where I parked my car.

My dark descent into “Amnesia”

I guess the stress from the college weekend, the work project implementation, and my own studies had just taken up all of my brain’s capacity!

3 thoughts on “VGT – Grand Theft Auto or Amnesia?

  1. Awwwwww, that could happen to anyone, sweetie. Shelia is such a good woman, you are truly blessed and this is actually kind of a sweet story. Nobody hurt or anything horrible happened…for many people in this world, it would be considered a fine day!

  2. He really thought his car was stolen. Police and all showed up. Maybe he should have 2 cars one to leave in each parking lot, that way he will always have a ride and not be stranded. 🙂

  3. I don’t mind telling the world. We all need to laugh at ourselves a little more. Actually Squiggly, I thought maybe you took my keys out of my office and moved the car as a joke!

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