VGT – My Console Collection Part 5

Today is my final entry for my current console collection.  We have been slowly working our way across the photo at the header of my blog.  It is a picture of my consoles arranged like books on a bookshelf.  There are only two consoles left in the photo but I have a third one that was on loan the day I took the picture.  So for the last time, let’s take a look at the shelf – completing our journey from right to left.

Just looking at this picture makes me want to connect it to my TV and play

Atari 2600 Video Computer System – I can’t say enough what this system means to me.  It was the start, the beginning of a love for video games in my life.  I’ve mentioned that I first encountered this game system at my friend Robbie Foster’s house.  At first, he only had Combat but we spent hours playing it.  Whether it was tanks, or tanks in which you could guide your shot, biplanes, jets, or even a unique bomber against three fighters mode – we played for hours.  The great thing about those games was that we played them together.  As time went on, we played games like Adventure, Asteriods, Yar’s Revenge, Demon Attack, and so many more.  I was actually given the system on my shelf by a friend of mine named Carl.  He had it in a box and he must have been watching me drool over it.  So he simply gave it to me along with all his cartridges.  Thanks Carl!  You need to come over soon so we can play some Bill Elliott NASCAR Racing on the Nintendo.  I can’t figure out how to do pit stops.

Over 96 Million Served

Nintendo Wii – People can say what they want about the Wii, but I have enjoyed many hours of gaming with this system.  I still use it as my primary device for watching Netflix.  My best memory of the wii is actually the experience of purchasing it in 2006.  My son, Nate, and I were pretty excited about this new system with it’s unique controls.  With Legend of Zelda – Twilight Princess as a launch title, we knew it was going to be great.  So we camped out at the entrance to a Target, wanting to make sure that we were going to be first in line.  We even made a poster.  As the evening wore on, we continued to be alone except for the occasional drive-by asking us what we were doing.  One person said, “Waiting in line for a Wii?  No one is going to buy it!”  At about 2 am, someone drove by and told us that Walmart was actually opening an hour earlier so we packed up and headed over there.  THIS is where the line (and the party) was.  There must have been 30 people talking and laughing.  We were racing each other in Mario Cart on the DS.  That was the most fun I ever had playing that DS.  Finally, the opening hour came and we were let in out of the cold into the store.  We bought our system, an extra controller, the Zelda game, and headed home.  We set it up immediately but were so exhausted that we went to bed soon after.  It turned out that the Wii sold out everywhere and was incredibly hard to find for a long time.  I’m glad for that time with my son.

Games, movies, and online fun

Sony Playstation 3 – This console didn’t make the photo because I had loaned it to a friend.  It is the newer, slimmer version.  No exciting story about the purchase; I just went to Best Buy and bought the thing.  The PS3 suffered from slow sales at the beginning but more and more have been sold over time.  From what I understand, even though it is a more powerful system than the XBox 360 it is harder to program it in such a way that it takes advantage of it’s power.  That’s why some of the first party titles look so amazing.  I purchased it for a few reasons.  One, I wanted to play the Nathan Drake games and they were exclusive to the system.  Two, it came with Blu-Ray for watching movies.  And three, I thought at the time I might get into playing online and it had wireless networking built in.  I’ve never really got into the online part of it, but I have really enjoyed watching the Lord of the Rings on Blu-Ray!  This is still the system I buy games for if I want to see the best graphics possible.

So, it seems that it’s time for me to make a new photograph and use it as a header!  First, I want to re-take the original photo layout but with a higher quality camera.  Then I want to create a new picture of my handheld collection.  Stay tuned….

2 thoughts on “VGT – My Console Collection Part 5

    • Yes, there is nothing like that “classic” look! As a collector, I would love to get my hands on one of those all black “Vader” Atari 2600’s. I will keep searching…

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