Working and Working and Working

I like this recent photo of my wife!

Hello!  Work has been keeping me busy as we implement new software.  Today is day two of training before going live on Friday.  So the days and nights have been long for Wild Man Ted.  I look forward to getting back into a normal routine soon.  I still have been sneaking some game time in.  I downloaded some of the Mario games for the original GameBoy onto my 3DS and they are good pick up and play games.  I’m also playing a little Mass Effect 1 when I can get a chance.  Look for some more posts from me starting next week.  Thanks for following along!

2 thoughts on “Working and Working and Working

  1. Mass Effect is stellar. I remember playing Super Mario Land on my Game Boy years ago…I had a bunch of copies because well-meaning relatives kept buying it for me. It always sucked that you couldn’t save the game, though, so I think I only managed to beat it once by playing a marathon session that nearly left me blind.

    • If my 3DS didn’t have that Game Restore feature, I would not have been able to beat Super Mario Land or Super Mario Land 2. The games looked great on the 3DS even though they were still monochrome.

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