VGT – My Console Collection Part 4

You can see that on the header of my blog is a photo of many of my consoles arranged like books on a bookshelf.  Each Sunday I’m working my way across the bookshelf in order to write a little something about my game consoles both new and old.  I have been going from right to left, so let’s see what is next in line.

The Last Console Made by Sega

Sega Dreamcast – This was the last console produced by Sega.  If you remember, in the eighties there was a great console war and people were forced to pick sides.  Some chose to go the enlightened path of Nintendo and others embraced the dark side of Sega.  With Nintendo you had a colorful plumber as a mascot named Mario.  He was always friendly and polite, and of course was always rescuing the princess.  Sega had a blue hedgehog named Sonic who was fast, brash, and ate chili-dogs.  It was clear that Sonic was created as a reaction to the clean cut Mario.  The great war ensued.  Nintendo went from the NES, to the Super NES, and finally to the 64.  All Nintendo systems were considered to be successful.  However, Sega went from the Genesis, to the 32X adapter for the Genesis, to the Sega Saturn, and finally to the system on my shelf – the Dreamcast.

An honest assessment of the Dreamcast reveals it to be a really good system.  I have many games that look great and are fun to play.  It even has a built-in 56K dial up modem to access the internet (useless today) but the system was definitely forward thinking in its time.  It is a little confusing to me why the system was not a success.  It was one of the first “next generation” consoles of that time and it was packed with features and quality games.  The best explanation I’ve ever come across is that the Sony Playstation 2 came out with quality games and one key feature that the dreamcast did not have – a DVD player.  Many Sony’s were bought not as game consoles but as affordable DVD players.  I picked up my Dreamcast in the original box at a Goodwill store.  I find the system to be an elegant addition to my collection.

Galatians from the Codex Sinaiticus

NIV Bible – This system is the oldest of all my consoles.  The original programming languages were Hebrew, Greek, and a little Aramaic but the New International Version first made an appearance in 1978.  There are many very reliable versions of this console nick-named “the Good Book”.  Content is largely divided into two sections – The Old Testament (also known as the Jewish Testament) and the New Testament.  This console has received critical acclaim for many years and it is viewed by many as a great collector’s item.  Because it is text-based, it is rarely taken down from the shelf by Gamers because it has been declared by many experts in the field to be obsolete.  However, true Video Game Theologians have found that this book is still capable of delivering a great experience.  Within its software design are hours of adventure, mystery, even sex, violence, failures, heroes, and redemption.

All the Fun of a PS2 – Only Slimmer

Playstation 2 – This is just a slimmer version of Sony’s popular system.  Shortly after Shelia and I were married in 2011, I discovered this in a drawer.  She had it for when her nieces and nephew would visit.  I was impressed that she even had a system.  She is completely and utterly NOT a gamer.  She loves exercise and books – I can’t decide which she likes more.  She has been a wonderful part of my life.  I talked about the original design Playstation 2 in part 1 of the series.  Here is a link to that page.

I’m all out of time for this morning.  I have children’s church!

5 thoughts on “VGT – My Console Collection Part 4

  1. The dreamcast was definately one of my favorite all time systems. Shenmue, Resident Evil Games, Crazy Taxi, Phantasy Star Online.I used Netzero to connect to the internet, you could use it to get free online gaming. That was back when Netzero really cost ZERO. Played many weeks of PSO and it was a decent online experience. Way ahead of its time. My favorite game would have to say was Skies of Arcadia. It had a great story and versitile gameplay. Not to mention that my wife actually liked watching me play this because of the great story. IMO this system was better than the PS2, it just never got the support it needed to survive. With the 32x and Sega CD as its predesessors, retailers never forgot the lack of commitment from Sega with these devices. So they felt that the same would happen with the Dreamcast. Also advertising was not quite what it should have been to push the system. Sega’s leadership could have possibly corrected this image problem, but we will never know.

    • I wish I could have tried it out “back in the day”. It’s hard to believe that playing something like Phantasy Star would work at such a slow connection. Was that game on-line only or was there a single-player mode?

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