VGT – Local Store: Tastebuds Popcorn

Tastebuds in Belmont

Gamers need good gamer grub and Tastebuds Popcorn is a great source for premium snacks.  I love this store!  After it opened in October 2011, I drove by it many times and then finally could not resist stopping by to see what was inside.  I was not disappointed.  Going to Tastebuds Popcorn is not just a purchase, it’s kind of an experience.  First of all, you walk in and see this wall of popcorn flavors and you are greeted by the friendly staff.  You can try two samples for free.

150+ Flavors

There are over 150+ flavors to choose from so it can be a difficult choice.  What flavors!  Everything from salty to savory to sweet to sour to chocolaty…….   I’ve been to the store several times now and I make a point to try something new every time.  Some of my favorites are Salt & Vinegar, Reese’s, Carolina’s Mix (a combination of sweet and salty), and Andes Chocolate Mint.  My wife really likes the White Chocolate Peppermint.  We have also given flavors such as Dr. Pepper, Cookies & Cream, and Fourth of July mix as gifts.

Mountain Dew Flavored Popcorn!

What flavors will gamers appreciate?  Hands down it would have to be Mountain Dew flavor!  Another strong contender would have to be Sour Patch Kids.  Can you imagine having some friends over for a video game extravaganza and having awesome snacks like that?  One important thing to note, is that these are considered to be gourmet snacks.  Gourmet is not going to cost you the same as store bought microwave popcorn.  I bought the three bags in the picture below and paid almost $30.  It’s not cheap, but it’s oh so good.

Some of my favorite flavors

If you are ever in historic downtown Belmont, it is worth the stop to check out Tastebuds Popcorn.  I think you will like it too.  Now, back to some more Carolina’s Mix….for breakfast.

Tastebuds Popcorn Information:

208 North Main Street

Belmont, NC 28012

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