VGT – My Console Collection Part 2

The banner for my blog shows a variety of old and new video game consoles.  I’m continuing to work my way across the bookshelf and write a little about each console in my collection.  So far I have covered the PlayStation 2, The Sega Genesis, and The Super Nintendo Entertainment System.  As we continue to go right to left, let’s see what’s next in line.

Little, Purple, Different

Nintendo Gamecube – The system is sometimes referred to as “The Purple Lunchbox” but I have always found it to be a powerful gaming platform.  Mine is black.  Other accessories that I have added are the GameBoy Player – which is fantastic and I also purchased a third party mini LCD screen (not in the picture) that mounts on top for portability.  I remember one of the first games I bought for the GameCube  was some adventure game that involved Skittles candy.  Does anyone remember what that was called?  One of the little things I love about the Gamecube is the little theme it plays when you turn it on.  The machine is telling me, “You’re about to have some fun!”

“I’m so hungry I could eat an Octorok”

Phillips CDi – I remember being a teenager and seeing the CDi for the first time at a “Best” warehouse store.  “Best” was a store that had a showroom that was connected to a warehouse.  You would pay for your purchase and then it would come from the warehouse via a conveyor belt system.  So I was walking around the electronics part of the showroom and I saw the CDi demonstrating a tennis game.  I was able to play it and was amazed at how realistic the players looked.  The game was not fun to play, but it looked fantastic.  A few years ago I bought one for myself on Ebay and it came with several games, included Legend of Zelda – Wand of Gamelon which is a collectible.  There is quite a story connected to the Legend of Zelda franchise and the Phillips CDi console.  It was a perfect storm of bad business deals, bad marketing, and of course horrible programming.  As a result the Zelda games on the console are in the “so bad it’s good” category.  My son attempted a let’s play of the game and was so frustrated that he had to give it up.  I will put a link to his video at the end of today’s post. On the final video he gets pretty angry! Another downfall for the system was the spoon shaped controller.  It is extremely difficult to use and further frustrates game play.  Another cool thing about the CDi was it’s ability to play movies on CD-ROM which was ahead of its time.  They could only fit half a movie on a disk so you have to get up mid-movie and change the disk.  Still pretty cool though.  I have some James Bond movies but they don’t seem to work.  I think I need some additional part to make it play movies.

What’s up with that controller?

Nintendo 64 – The first time I turned on a 64 I knew that the world of video games was headed in a new direction.  The logo itself was three dimensional.  I’m still surprised when I see game footage from some of the classic games.  Many of them hold up well.  The controller had a unique design that I was never able to get used to.  There were a few games that required the Expansion Pak such as Donkey Kong 64, Majora’s Mask, and Perfect Dark.  There were some other games where the Expansion Pack improved the graphics or features of an existing game such as Star Wars: Rogue Squadron or Road Rash 64.  Even though I enjoyed the Nintendo 64, I don’t look back on the system with the same sense of nostalgia as I do other systems.

Tune in next week and I will continue to work my way across the shelf.  I also may need to take a new picture to show some of the systems that were not in the photo.  After that there are all all my handhelds.  It’s good to have material to write about.

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