VGT – Local Store: Gamers Alley

Gamers Alley in Cramerton, NC

I live in McAdenville, NC.  It is a small town just south of Charlotte.  About a year ago I discovered a great local resource for gaming – a store called Gamers Alley – owned and operated by Scott Crager.  Located at 202 Market St in Cramerton, this local business is right between Georgio’s Restaurant and Market Pizza.  The store buys/sells games, consoles, accessories, and movies.  I like the arcade machines he has set up in his store.  These machines have many options for classic games.  I always bring a few quarters so I can feel like a teenager again.  For some reason, I have been playing Scramble lately.  I have also played a Street Fighter 2 few times against the owner.  He beat me soundly but I let him win because he was putting his own quarters in!

A customer plays an arcade game

It seems like every time I go there I find some new system or game that someone has traded in.  I recently saw a Sega Master System – but it was not for sale.  Scott is a collector just like me.  I also have seen a Turbo Graphix 16 and a Neo-Geo Pocket.  Those weren’t for sale either.  Come on Scott!  Sell one of them to me.  He does sell some of the systems.  The last time I was there I picked up an original XBox for $24.99.  I don’t want you to think it’s only used games and systems for sale there.  I bought my Nintendo 3DS at Gamers Alley.

He put a power glove over the checkout scanner!

Scott is a family man and I will sometimes see his son or daughter there.  He has also learned the value of community and utilizes Facebook as well as a website.  He posts recently traded items, plans tournaments, and also gives a 10% discount if you “Like” his Facebook page.  His store also provides a community for gamers both old and young.  Whenever I go to the store, there is always someone just hanging out.  I always learn something new just by talking with other customers.  Yesterday I learned that Atari made a wireless joystick for the classic 2600 system.  I need to see that.

A young customer at Gamers Alley!

I have been enjoying the Gamers Alley rental program.  It’s just $16 (after tax) a month for unlimited used game rentals.  I am in paradise!  I am able to walk the aisles, select a game, check it out, and then go home and play it.  This has been perfect for me with games that have value, but are not necessarily my taste.  For example, I have rented games such as the latest Deus Ex, the Mass Effect series, and Skyrim.  I can try all of them and then go back for more.  This rental program has saved me a lot of money and given me the opportunity to try out lots of games.

Paradise on earth!

So if you are ever in the Gastonia/Belmont/Cramerton area and you love all kinds of video games, check out Gamers Alley.  My only complaint is that my spell check keeps wanting to put an apostrophe in their name!

Gamers Alley Information:

202 Market St

Cramerton, NC 28032


One thought on “VGT – Local Store: Gamers Alley

  1. Awesome website man. This is Chuck a dedicated promoter for Gamers Alley when they first opened in Lowell NC back in the day as a small gaming store, and look where they are at today, so awesome and thanks for sharing your website, will be bookmarking this page on my youtube gaming channel as a recommended website. Scott knows who I am as Chuck. All The best man and thanks for your referrals and the promoting. Great stuff.

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