VGT – My Console Collection Part 1

The banner for my blog shows a variety of old and new video game consoles.  I did not really start out as a console collector but the fever started a few years ago.  So, based on the photo above, I’m going to go from right to left (just like Hebrew) and write a little about each console in my collection.

Sony PlayStation 2 – Original design.  This system technically belongs to my son, Nate.  I bought it for him as a Christmas present when he was about twelve.  His stepmother and I set him up beautifully.  We kept giving him things like save cards and joysticks for the PlayStation 2 even though he didn’t have one.  Shannon kept acting a little upset with herself saying things like, “I thought that was the game system you had, I’m sorry”  I can still see young Nate patting her on the knee saying, “It’s OK.  It’s the thought that counts”  After all the present were opened, I pointed out to Nate that there was still something in the corner behind the Christmas tree.  The look on his face when he discovered it was a PS2 was priceless.  That memory for me is all the more bittersweet since Shannon passed away from breast cancer a few years ago.  I’m happy to share the video from that moment.  At the end of the video his happy screams trigger the “Clapper” that I used to turn the Christmas tree lights on and off!

Sega Genesis – It is a little hard to see the Genesis in the photo.  There are not nearly as fantastic memories about this system.  I was never a huge Genesis fan boy but I picked up this system at a Goodwill store in Charlotte.  They have a store called Computer Works that is often filled with older consoles and games.  I also picked up Sonic 1 and 2 with the original cases.  I also recently picked up Aero the Acrobat.  So this console is more of a collector’s purchase.  If anyone has a good recommendation for a Genesis game to try please leave a comment.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System – I will openly admit at any video game twelve step meeting that I am a Nintendo fanboy.  I mentioned in an earlier post my memories of playing Legend of Zelda on a borrowed SNES.  This is how I received my first SNES as a gift.  I was in my twenties and married to my son’s mom.  We were dirt poor then.  I was making minimum wage working at a warehouse and she had a job at a mortgage company.  At our church, we were part of a group of friends that were doing much, much better financially than we were.  I mean, one of the girls in that group was given a house by her parents as a wedding gift.  We had a gift exchange during the holidays and my “Secret Santa” gave me a Super Nintendo.  It was such a quality gift – I could not believe it – especially since I had given my Secret Santa person a candle or something.  No one there could understand my excitement at the gift though so I felt a little out of place that evening.  But who cared?  I was able to play Legend of Zelda, Super Metroid, Castlevania 4, and We’re Back – A Dinosaur’s Story to play.  (We’re Back was more a favorite of my son)  So thank you Josh for my SNES, wherever you are now.  You were very generous.

I will be writing about my console collection every Sunday until I have talked about each system.  Stay tuned!

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