VGT – The Fish That Wouldn’t Die

I know I said in my last post that the first game I would talk about would be Okami.  However, I may  have been too ambitious.  It takes more time than I thought to review something properly.  Plus, I’m probably going to make a video.  So please enjoy the Video Game Theology ramblings of the day….

Today I want to talk about cleaning my fish tank.  I read in a book recently that successful people get up early – before the “real” day begins – and accomplish things like genome projects, best selling novels, and recipes for better pizza crust.  So I woke up at 4:30 this morning and prepared to sit and write for a while.  I’m not going to get any better at something if I don’t do it a lot.  And then a lot more after that.

But this morning before I could even go downstairs to the coffee machine, I had to pass the fish that wouldn’t die.  In my son’s room (Soon to be “the model train room” when he leaves for college) there is a twenty gallon fish tank.  Inside that tank are four of the most resilient fish that have ever lived.  At times they have literally gone for a month with me forgetting to feed them.  Do you know all those rules about pH balance for fish water?  I don’t follow a single one of them.  When the water gets low I just use tap water and then pour it into the tank.  This tank is nasty too.  It’s been months since I’ve changed the filter, and it sort of complains to me with a low rumble.  I have one of those magnetic brushes to clean the glass – I couldn’t even find it.

These may be the heartiest fish in the world. Black Fin Tetras

For some reason I decided to give the fish that wouldn’t die a chance.  (I should say “fishes” but The Fish That Wouldn’t Die sounds like a movie title from the fifties)  In a way it reflects on me.  If I’m not able to keep a simple fish tank clean how can I convince myself to do the same in other small areas of my life?  I sometimes neglect the condition of my soul in the same way.  Well, at least that’s what I told myself this morning.  So there I was, replacing the filter and scrubbing the sides.  I even gave them some fish food.  If those little fellas have made it this far it would be a shame not to have them live a little longer.

Of course I could do the one thing that would be a guaranteed death sentence for them.  I could name them.  It seems that any time in my life that I’ve named a fish that they haven’t lived long.  That applies to other water creatures too – including a newt named Sherd that I once had in college.  I really liked that little salamander-like creature and he seemed happy enough.  But one day Sherd disappeared.  I searched all over the dorm room for the little guy but couldn’t find him.  However, at the end of the semester I was cleaning out stuff from under my bed and there I found him – little petrified Sherd stuck to a blanket.   I think he just hated his name so much he just had to get out of there. So don’t name your aquatic pets if you want them to live.

They make lots of fish tank screensavers and it’s amazing how realistic some of them look.  Some of the programs let you virtually feed your virtual fish.  I’m sure there must be some iOS apps or Android apps that let you take care of a fish tank on your phone or pad.  I wonder if there is a program that works like my fish tank – you try to do everything to kill the fish and they just live and live.  That’s pretty morbid.  There was a strange game for the Sega Dreamcast named “Seaman” (yes, I have to agree – that is a terrible name) in which you used a joystick with a microphone attachment and somehow raised this fish that has a human face.  I watched some footage on Youtube about it.  The fish would talk to you and honestly, it was a little creepy.

 I’m not sure that they’ve made the perfect underwater video game yet.  They’ve made plenty of bad ones including Aquaman for the Nintendo 64.  Are there any good video games with fish?

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