Video Game Theology

Do you ever find yourself wondering what to do with your life?  Where you fit in?  I do – and I may be more pre-occupied about it than I should be.  But here I am, forty-five years old with a good career in technology doing things that I really enjoy.  But, it somehow seems like it’s not enough you know?  Like somehow I’m missing out on what I’m supposed to be doing with my life.  That’s why I enrolled at Seminary a year ago.  I’m going to take my time going through school and enjoying the classes.  I’m not in a terrible rush.  I’m fascinated about the Bible and how it came to be.  I am so curious about the languages and cultures that the Bible was written in.  I enjoy teaching children – especially in a large group setting.

I also enjoy video games …. a lot.  I have landmark memories based around video gaming.  I’ll never forget the first time I experienced The Legend of Zelda – it was on a borrowed Super Nintendo (so which game was on that system all you gamers who may be reading this).  I remember going into the castle and rescuing Zelda, then escaping into the Sanctuary.  I can still hear that music playing.  I thought I had beat the game but soon learned that was only the beginning.  I still had several dungeons to go through until I finally faced Ganon and won.  But it still wasn’t over!  It turned out there was a dark world that needed a hero.  I was that boy hero.  I was Link during those moments.  That’s just one memory out of so many.  That’s what video games can do.  For a short while they can take you outside of yourself and you see the world differently.

So why not.  Why can’t I combine those great moments from classic and modern games with my love of theology?  Can I find little snippets of truth in some of these games?  So stay tuned to this blog.  I’m starting with the game Okami.Image.

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